Getting Ed Laid

Ed Randall, an 85 year old college professor, has hired a hooker for his last hurrah. He’s frantically waiting for a call back from a cardiologist because he’s afraid taking Viagra will kill him. When the quirky older hooker shows up, he has to put off her advances. An intimate look at two lonely misfits who meet in a most unlikely circumstance - proving the last chapter of life can be a beginning - rather than the end.

The creative minds at Papa Weeze partner up with director Deborah Pearl and legendary actor Ed Asner and actress Jean Smart  to create the spectacle of a comedy that is Getting Ed Laid.  Stay tuned for showing and release dates in 2016.  Please visit for more information.

                           Meet Ed Asner!!!                                         APRIL 27, 7:30-9:30                      maple theatre on maple road                                                     $35              ed, food, champagne, popcorn, soda, and the Award Winning Movie                $35 

Join us at Garden State Film Festival March 31st - April 3rd as we watch this romantic comedy unfold! 

                                    WE WON!! Garden State Film Festivals "Abbot and Costello Best Comedy Short"

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