Next To Normal - Nov 1-10, 2019

DETROIT – There is no shortage of quality theatre companies in Southeast Michigan, but unlike other metro areas the success of “arts collectives” - marrying the spontaneity of theatre, cabaret, and improv with the abstract joys of movement and dance as well as the crafts of design, fashion and visual arts - has been more hit-or-miss.

Hoping to fill that void, new group “PAPA Weeze” aims to “to provide collaborative opportunities for professional artists to create and display all forms of art, in an attempt to entertain, educate and expand.” The organization, led by long-time local theatre professional Barbie Weisserman, is named for her late father-in-law Harold Weisserman, an individual whose generosity and heart led him to support many creative individuals in their entrepreneurial efforts in the community.

Barbie explains, “PAPA Weeze will help professional artists of all forms: theatre, film, collective displays, fashion, writers, composers, musicians, directors, dancers, choreographers, photographers, sculptors, painters, performance artists, etc. to work in collaboration to produce their projects for public consumption, enjoyment, education, and personal expansion. By sponsoring small projects, PAPA Weeze will use these funds to produce one large project per 12-18 months.”

The group’s flagship project for 2015 will be crowd-funding/producing a short independent film Getting Ed Laid, written by Deborah Pearl (Designing Women) and starring Ed Asner. Filming on the comic short (the title of which is rather self-explanatory) is slated to begin in late summer



Ed and BArbie.jpeg



The jumpstART program is about pairing successful professional artists with new designers, writers, photographers, painters, sculptors, poets, creators, songwriters, musicians, cinematographers, etc, to get their dream career or professional desires the encouragement and guidance it needs.

- meet:

  • Beth Kennedy, an aspiring writer pairing up with a two time published author
  • Dylan McKenzie, writing his first play for draft revision and production by a professional film, theatre and tv writer
  • Rachel Weisserman taking her handmade vintage key chain collection of her grandfathers and making a jewelry line
  • Ray W finding a voice in poetry and publishing it, with other performance art, into a collaborative coffee table book
  • Brianna Yankasky following a professional photographer at a Fashion Show with models, designers, fashion, flair
  • Laura Bremer creating her own line of unique and outrageous fashions for display and purchase under a private label
  • Autumn Hauer up-and-coming apparel designer and  Director of Stand-Up Fashion

- stay tuned as we record their success, progress, and introduce new artists to jumpstART - !

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