Papa Weeze and The Ringwald partner up for theater lab workshops

Hoping to develop theatrical talent in Metro Detroit, The Ringwald and Papa Weeze are partnering to offer a local arts academy, dubbed “Theatre Lab.”

The collaboration will present a multitude of workshops. The workshops are designed as master classes involving theatre games, text analysis, scene exercises, and partnering work. A portion of each session will address audition technique. The classes will be taught by local theatre professional Travis Reiff and will offer an unprecedented level of access to local actors, producers, and technicians.

All classes will be held at The Ringwald’s performance space in Ferndale. Performers who attend will gain insight into acting fundamentals, working on a range of material and practicing their skills among peers with immediate feedback from Reiff and other faculty.

Barbie Weisserman, executive director of Papa Weeze, explains, “We have so many exceptional local performers, and we wanted to create a forum at a reasonable price that could bring all of those folks together to learn from each other and to incubate new projects and creative growth. We hope this is the beginning of an academy of sorts where we can diversify the educational offerings and specialize in stage, film, and production work.”

Reiff adds, “I’m excited to share what I’ve learned in my career with these students. Conducting the class at The Ringwald will give them access to play in a professional space.These workshops will also create new connections among all of the participants that will hopefully result in new work, new collaborations, and new opportunities for everyone involved.”

Register by purchasing your spot in our shop or contact Papa Weeze with the subject "Theatre Lab".  Check our shop frequently for more dates.

Cost is $60 per student per workshop.

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